Russell Wilson Stole Joseph Fauria’s Girlfriend, Erika Ann Hammond?



Did Russell Wilson steal Joseph Fauria’s girlfriend Erika Ann Hammond? Was Joseph Fauria, who is a big jokester, just joking around about Russell Wilson stealing his girlfriend? Is there any truth to Erika Ann Hammond leaving Fauria for a Super Bowl champion QB who is recently divorced? There are so many questions surrounding what happened on Fauria’s Twitter account at 12:11 a.m. Sunday morning.

The tweet:



Erika Ann Hammond’s reaction:

@ErikaAnnHammond retweeted Fauria’s twerking touchdown dance on Sunday. She didn’t exactly start deleting social media accounts.

BC reaction:

This has to be a joke from Fauria that went wrong right away and he couldn’t delete it fast enough. This probably has something to do with the Russell Wilson-sleeping-with-Golden-Tate’s-girlfriend thing that got crazy last week.

Update — new evidence:



Fauria has had a change of heart:


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