Georgia OT Zach DeBell Manhandles Unruly Strip Club Customer


Zach DeBell

It’s usually not good news when we read about an athlete’s night at a strip club. But that wasn’t the case for University of Georgia offensive lineman Zach DeBell, who was a hero at the Toppers International Showbar on Thursday.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, DeBell sprung into action after an unruly patron named Joseph William Kirkland exposed himself to a dancer:

The brawl began after Kirkland allegedly exposed himself to a Toppers employee while she was dancing for him in a room at the club. The woman told police she asked Kirkland to zip himself up before leaving the room, but he was still exposed when she returned a few minutes later.

The dancer then alerted Kim and other employees, who attempted to remove Kirkland from the club, police said. While being ushered through the club, witnesses told police that Kirkland punched and elbowed Kim in the bar area.

The report adds that DeBell carried Kirkland outside of the club “by his belt and collar.” If you think that sounds a little inconceivable, it’s not—DeBell is 6’6” and 298 pounds, which is like the ideal bouncer frame.

Hey Toppers, you should give this guy a gig if he needs it. He’s even proficient with firearms!

Zach DeBell

[Photos via Zach DeBell– Instagram]



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