Bama Fan With Neck Tat In Jail – AGAIN – On Robbery & Burglary Charges

This James Tristan Bostic cat with the Bama neck tattoo just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. He was arrested this week on first degree robbery and burglary, which led to being thrown in the Tuscaloosa County jail.  I never understood this from criminals. You’re a few days away from watching Bama roll to another SEC title and you think it’s a good time to test the fuzz? Straight up don’t understand it.
It’s not like Bostic is all that smart about his robbery timing.
He was arrested earlier this year for pulling a home invasion on New Year’s Day.

Occupants of a mobile home at Willow Brook Trailer Park told police that three men forced their way into the residence at 6 a.m. on Jan. 1 before they sexually assaulted a woman and pistol-whipped two men. Bostic was arrested Friday on a first-degree burglary and unrelated charges of resisting arrest and robbery.

Add it all up and Bostic is playing with fire here. Now he’s on the hook for a $15,000 bond and in jeopardy of missing the Missouri game. You Bama thieves need to time this better. Wait until after the college football playoff and then go do your thing.

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