Yasiel Puig Reportedly Rolled Into Birthday Party With Girlfriend…& "3 Side Hoes"

Yasiel Puig’s 24th birthday isn’t until Sunday, but that didn’t stop the Cuban party boy from throwing some sort of bash last night in California. @austinroman_, above, claims his mom was in charge of the party, which granted him access and the ability to live tweet the proceedings.
Austin claims:
• Puig has a girlfriend and “3 side hoes”
• Puig brought all of them to the party
• “Homie can drink”
Austin also walked out of the party with two Puig autographed bats and a look into the most intriguing baseball player who is barely tracked by the Internet. That’s about to change because I’m completely intrigued by this girlfriend and three side hoes news. How can Puig possibly manage all that and still hit .300 for the Dodgers?
This guy just went to the top of my must-track list. He parties, has chicks for days and doesn’t really care if you know he parties on Monday nights.
Have you partied with Puig? Were you at the birthday party? I need to hear stories.
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