Bengals Fans Destroy Buccaneers Fan

In case you were thinking about taking your children out to an NFL game, here is yet another reason you should think twice.
Thanks to Deadspin, we have footage of a salty Buccaneers fan mouthing off to a man wearing an A.J. Green jersey. The situation gets testy fast as jersey guy shoves the Bucs fan, which is followed by a random fat lady storming in to attack. The flustered Bucs fan makes contact with her, setting off A.J. Green to unload a monster haymaker on him. The punch is so flush that the Bucs fan falls into the path of oncoming traffic.

Luckily for him, the driver of that oncoming Jeep didn’t have too much to drink and stopped.
It is tough to say the Bucs fan deserved this, but come on. How are you going to go mouth off to like the one group of Bengals fans who traveled to this game after your team lost to bad Andy Dalton?

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