DeMarco Murray Had An Affair With My Wife, Former Teammate Alleges

Gina D’Agostini and DeMarco Murray allegedly had an affair, according to Brennan Clay, who is married to D’Agostini. The kicker here is that Murray and Clay were teammates at Oklahoma. Clay dropped the news Sunday morning and even called out his wife in the tweet that has now been retweeted over 16,000 times. Gina didn’t waste time deleting all but two tweets and photos on her account.
“People givin me ish for puttin it out there ..if you could read these messages ..YOU would too ..I wanted the truth out there ..,” Clay tweeted later on Sunday.

Of course I went back and took a look at Gina’s Twitter cache for the photos that she deleted. It seems she used to act like she was in love with Brennan. This is the obvious danger when you get hooked up with a jersey chaser. Brennan Clay is an unemployed NFL running back. DeMarco Murray leads the NFL in rushing with 1,427 rushing yards.
Lesson: Know your jersey chaser really, really well before you marry the jersey chaser.

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