Meet Amanda Morkus — Chiefs Fan



The first thing I noticed about Chiefs fan Amanda Morkus is that she likes taking mirror selfies. Like, really, really likes taking mirror selfies. Annnnddd…I have no issue with her hobby at all. Amanda popped up on an Instagram search I was working on today and I figured you guys would want to know more about this Miss Playboy Social model who is in school for massage therapy.

According to her Miss Playboy Social bio, Amanda can’t live without “chocolate, laughing, my polka dot bikini, music and boys.” As for turnoffs, “mean people, food in someone’s teeth, stinky people.”

She competes in bikini contests, dabbles in body paint, loves her Kansas City sports teams and dreams of being a Playmate. Did I mention she wants to eventually be a masseuse? Total package, boys.

You should also know that Amanda works at Twin Peaks in Olathe, Kansas.

[Amanda Morkus – Instagram]

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