Father Engages Adrian Peterson In Uncomfortable Twitter Exchange


Suspended NFL player and child abuser Adrian Peterson isn’t preparing for a football game tomorrow, which gives him more time to peruse his Twitter feed and retweet fans (apparently he still has some left).

This led to this really uncomfortable and awkward exchange: Peterson follows through on a retweet request from a father, who unforgivingly reached out to Peterson on behalf of his young son, whose favorite player is Peterson. That previous sentence is disturbing for 3 reasons:

1. The Retweet Request:

Please stop doing this, people.

2. The Actual Retweet:

Do you know what America thinks of you right now, Adrian?! Holy shit how naive can you be?

3. The Fact That Peterson Is This Kid’s Favorite Player: 

I don’t feel like I need to explain this to anyone other than Adrian Peterson.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 2.41.25 PM

My son, made this for his favorite player EVER @AdrianPeterson! It’d make his day to get a response or RT #Faith pic.twitter.com/AAG4zCQqFg

— Jason Adam (@schemer49) November 29, 2014

Not surprisingly, people had commentary:

@schemer49 @AdrianPeterson is that a ringworm, or did you hit him with a switch on the chin? — SienaSoup (@sienasoup) November 29, 2014

@BMcClizzle @schemer49 @AdrianPeterson I jerked off in my cousins bra once…that’s different than abusing kids.

— SienaSoup (@sienasoup) November 29, 2014

@schemer49 interesting choice of favorite players given his history — Gordon Bombay (@TheoneLiberator) November 29, 2014

@schemer49 @AdrianPeterson is your son trying to get hit ???

— Vito (@vitod17) November 29, 2014


Yikes. Adrian Peterson might be the least self-aware person on the planet. Guy has some major screws loose and completely doesn’t get it. Same goes for this dad.

Peterson’s appeal hearing with the NFL is scheduled for Tuesday, and probably the only people rooting for him at this point are his fantasy owners.