Jenn Sterger Planning Cowgirl Comeback At Saturday’s Florida State Game



Jenn Sterger tells me she’ll be in a cowgirl costume at Saturday’s Florida-Florida State game and it will be a full blown return that includes a front row seat. “I mean it’s game temp dependent,” Sterger said via Twitter direct message. She’ll also be celebrating her 31st birthday on Saturday so it’s going to be one huge comeback party for Jenn. “I’m pretty pumped,” she added.

As for the weather, Jenn is looking at 66 and sunny for the 3:30 game on ESPN. That means she’ll have to quickly attract ESPN cameras because the temperature will be dropping fast.

Here’s the cowgirl costume she plans to wear:



“Florida.. I’ll be in you this weekend. Also. This is happening,” she wrote on Instagram.

For those of you who are in college and have no recollection of why Sterger is famous, she was Brent Musburger’s original college crush. Brent spotted her during the 2005 Miami-FSU game and her fame landed her in Maxim and Playboy. You know about the Favre thing. You might also remember she had her breast implants removed. You probably don’t know that Sterger (@jennifersterger ) is now a standup comedian.