Chris Berman At A 2005 Super Bowl Bikini Contest



I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I miss the old partyin’ horndog Chris Berman. Now 59 (60 in May), Boom has gotten all conservative on us. The days of walking into Super Bowl parties and owning the room seem to be over. The days of getting ridiculously sweaty and singing with the cover band at Jim Kelly golf tournaments seem to be over, too.

All we’re left with are TBT photos like this one from former bikini model Cathleen Cornish (left). She wrote on her TBT IG upload:

#TBT #superbowl2005 yea, back when I did bikini contests that involve crazy nights and all the alcohol a bikini girl could consume which, for me was A LOT… Even though I wasn’t of age yet 😁🙊 Haha this was I believe a contest at one of the superbowl pre-parties in town. #blackeyedpeas and #chrisberman were guests.

Early 50s Berman had to be the best. He was still at that age where chicks didn’t care that he was a fat mess. He was rich, super famous and knew how to treat the ladies.

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Never forget the golden age: