I Like Joe Montana’s Hat



Joe Montana is one of those guys who sneaks up on you as someone you’d want to have at your living legend athlete dinner table. You know the deal — pick 6-7 living sports legends to go to dinner with, get drunk and listen to stories. Montana is up on that list. Don’t think for a second that just because he comes off as being quiet that Joe, 58, doesn’t party.

Take this photo from chef Steve Martorano’s Fort Lauderdale restaurant, Cafe Martorano. You can see that Joe and his wife, Jennifer, seem to have been slamming some wine. For some strange reason Joe has a “Your sisters ass” hat with him that night. Time for a photo.

I’ve seen this look before from couples in this age range. There are some fun times behind those smiles. The kids are out of the house. Joe will never be able to spend his net worth. His wife keeps her ass in world class form. He drinks when he wants to. He travels wherever he wants to travel.

I’ll go out on a limb right now and say no former athlete is having a better time right now than Joey Super Bowls.

[via @SteveMartorano]