Powder Puff Team Dons Blackface to ‘Intimidate' Underclassmen

Pretty much everyone knows that blackface is a never a good idea. Super hot dancer-actress Julianne Hough tried it out on Halloween last year (the only day of the year she might have gotten away with it) and was scrutinized heavily.
Unfortunately, 12 female Sullivan High School seniors didn’t get the memo, taking the field in full-on blackface for a powder puff game earlier this month.
School principal Jennifer Schmidt was in attendance and told the Riverfront Times:

Oh my gosh…And then I thought, ‘Oh, they don’t mean anything by it. Just let it go. No one thinks anything of it.’ I didn’t think anyone did. Evidently, someone did.

Geez, this person is a principal? No one would think anything of a bunch of white girls in blackface? Okay. Moving on.

Schmidt went on to display more of her shortsightedness:

It’s been common practice for the senior girls’ team to wear face paint during the powder-puff football tournament, essentially as a parody of the eye black football players normally wear to decrease glare from the sun and lights. The face paint also serves to “to intimidate the underclassmen.”
“So that’s what they wore,” says Schmidt. “There was nothing racial about it. They didn’t have any other intention other than to just try to intimidate the underclassmen.”

She eventually says that the face-painting thing will “probably” be banned from future powder puff games. But yeah, I’m pretty sure Schmidt wouldn’t be taking action if the pictures had never leaked. After all, it’s just playful intimidation, right?

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