Terann Hilow Tells Fox Houston She’s Still In Love With BC

Terann Hilow



Your favorite NFL bikini model, Terann Hilow, did an interview this week with Fox Houston and pretty much said she’s still in love with this site. You probably remember earlier this fall when all I did was include Terann in the Morning Screencaps, then got a little nosey and looked for more bikini photos of Terann and did a legit post on her work. Things exploded from there and she’s enjoyed a fun ride as the newest NFL model to hit it big.

I seem to remember complaining in early September that there wasn’t a model who had taken over for Jaime Edmondson as the new face of NFL logo modeling. A couple weeks later Terann was magically there and she’s the perfect ambassador for this position. She is well-spoken, can pump out new bikini photos in a matter of hours, not weeks and actually knows the sport.

Fox Houston digs into her mom helping create the bikinis, Terann’s breast cancer awareness campaign and something about possibly appearing in a Doritos Super Bowl commercial? Did I just hear that correctly? BC might’ve given a model her big break and it includes a Super Bowl commercial? All joking aside, if this happens it might be one of the proudest moments in BC history.

Did you hear her mention something about college basketball? Anyone up for college bikinis? Stay tuned.

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