Blake Bortles Dumped Lindsey Duke?



How could Blake Bortles dump Lindsey Duke? I didn’t think this was even possible. I’m being told by UCF insiders that Blake dropped the hammer on the relationship “a few months ago,” which would make sense considering Duke hasn’t mentioned Bortles, the Jags, the 1-9 start or anything about football since the NFL Draft. Last night I noticed that Lindsey was back to partying, but there was still no mention of Blake. It all adds up.

The couple, who had dated since high school, was last seen at the Draft where Duke posed with Bortles and his family. All seemed fine. And that was it.

This is always the danger in an athlete relationship for the woman. You put in the college years being the good girlfriend who’s always there for the QB. You were there when he wasn’t being touted as a first round pick. You were there in the early days when both of you just struggled to get through college. Then your boyfriend starts to rise up draft boards and just might hit the mother lode. You’re still with him. Everything seems great. He gets drafted. He’s about to become a millionaire. You’re still recognized as one of the hottest women on the Internet. The body hasn’t slipped.

Suddenly it’s over.

That’s a tough pill to swallow, but something tells me Lindsey Duke will rebound. There has to be a very wealthy young baseball player out there who’s looking for a loyal girlfriend who likes to party. Send your resumes over to Lindsey’s Instagram account. She’s a free agent.

As for Bortles, he has 8 TD passes and 14 INTs. That’s good for a a two INT lead on Jay Cutler. Maybe he should call Duke and work things out.

Know more about how it all ended? Let me know.




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