Lindsey Duke Is Back To Partying

Lindsey Duke, who became an Internet superstar as Blake Bortles’ girlfriend, has only posted 10 legit photos to Instagram since the Jags picked Blake in the first round of the Draft. There are no photos of Lindsey at Blake’s games. There are no photos of Lindsey in a Jags jersey. There are no photos of her with Blake.
This photo that was posted tonight is captioned: “S/O to this gal for driving hours just to celebrate my birthday #YouTheRealMVP(.)”
Again, no mention of Blake, the Jags, the 1-9 start. Nothing. Same on Twitter. No mention of the Jags, Blake, nothing.
She’s either the best NFL girlfriend in the history of NFL girlfriends, or there’s more to the story. Anyone know if Blake told Duke to back off while he tries to grasp the NFL? Let me know.
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