Meet Jacklyn Adelene — Aspiring Sports Broadcaster

Jacklyn Adelene just might be the next big thing in sports sideline reporting. She’s going to the right school (Penn State — produced Melanie Collins), is already getting ESPNU assignments and has nearly 100,000 followers between her Instagram and Twitter accounts.
While most aspiring sideline reporters have become vanilla and won’t drop a bikini photo here and there, Jacklyn is a throwback to the old days like 2007-08 when Collins was dominating the Internet as a Penn State senior and Tempe12 bikini model.
Some media elites will scoff at sideline reporters throwing a bikini pic on IG now and then. They’ll say it’s demeaning to the profession and to women. We know that’s ridiculous talk from media nerds (like Richard Deitsch) who live in some sheltered world where women don’t go to the beach or look hot. We’re talking about sideline reporters.
Does Adelene need some seasoning? Of course. She’s not scheduled to graduate until 2016 so she’s just starting her sideline journey.
[Jacklyn Adelene – IG   |  @JacklynAdelene]

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