Aaron Rodgers & Olivia Munn All Touchy At Bucks Game

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn weren’t acting married at the Tuesday night Bucks game game they attended with AJ Hawk and his wife Laura. That’s because Rodgers and Munn are still in that new relationship mode where you actually want to be around each other. Not Hawk and Laura.
If you’re married, you know this scenario. You go out with the couple who’ve been going out for 6-8 months and you’re worn out watching them try to out-affection each other. Rodgers goes with the leg touch. Munn goes to the neck rub. Rodgers goes to the arm around Munn. Olivia counters with a thigh massage. Meanwhile, AJ and Laura are busy worrying about going home and cleaning up snot, puke and squash sprayed on the couch by one of their kids.
There’s nothing wrong with the Munn-Rodgers scenario right now. It’s great for Wisconsin where Aaron Rodgers wedding drama creates huge news for the local TV stations.

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