LSU Fan Looks Like He Needed Another Drink



First thing you should notice about this video from Saturday’s Bama-LSU tailgate is that there is daylight. It was a 7 CST kick in Death Valley so that means you’re starting to run out of daylight around 5-5:30, especially around the Parade Grounds where the trees are thick and would kill the light in this video.

That’s important because it tells us that “Taylor Hicks” LSU fan was turnt awfully early for the big game. That said, we’re probably still talking about the 4-4:30 timeframe when tailgates start blasting “Bitch I’m from Louisiana.” For those of you who’ve never been to LSU for a tailgate, this is when you know you’re about to black out. The music is blaring. The jambalaya is churning in your stomach. The liquor is starting to take its toll. Your mind starts its descent into another world. You let chicks rip off your shirt and barely flinch.

You go into lean mode and hope a friend gets your ass into the stadium.

“Bitch I’m from Louisiana…Bitch I’m from Louisiana…” on and on and on.

Then your wife/girlfriend has to put you back together.