Utah WR Scores Awesome 78 Yard Touchdown. Oh Wait He Dropped The Ball At The Goal Line And Oregon Returned It 100 Yards For A Touchdown.

For a brief moment, Utah WR Kailin Clay was on top of the world. The speedster had just scored what he thought to be a 78-yard touchdown, which would have put the Utes up 14-0 against Oregon. Clay proceeded to pound his chest in celebration. Cool! But there was just one issue. Kailin had actually DeseanJackson-ed his team out of the score, dropping the ball at the one foot line.

That’s Oregon’s Joe Walker who returned Clay’s stupid fumble 100 yards for a score. The Ducks went on to crush Utah, 51-27. Kailin Clay: Idiot of the week.

kailin clay