Andy Dalton Needs To Watch This About 40-50 Times Today


Andy Dalton needs to understand something very clearly today. His ass MUST win tonight against Cleveland. I don’t want excuses about injuries. I don’t want to hear that it was cold and wet. I don’t want to hear that the rushing defense couldn’t stop some Browns rookie scrub who shouldn’t even be playing.

No excuses, Ginger.

This guy needs to go back and watch some of the history between the Browns and Bengals. He needs to be told that this rivalry in the 1980s was incredible and the two cities absolutely hated each other. He needs to understand that it’s time to show a little fire out of that ginger melon of his.

“You don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati.”

Andy Dalton should have that tatted on his chest. AJ McCarron should be adding to his ink. Bengals players need to realize that the Browns are riding high after beating a bunch of scrubs and think they’re just going to roll in, steal a game and get into a first place tie.

Andy Dalton (4-2 career against CLE) better play like he wants that $115 million the Bengals put under his nose.

Your move, Ginger.