ESPN’s Britt McHenry Injured on Lambeau Leap Attempt

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry’s radiant smile turned upside down this afternoon after an unfortunate mishap on a Lambeau Leap attempt.

McHenry, 28, was excited to land her first ever gig on location at Lambeau Field, writing on her Instagram page, “First time at Lambeau. Also, it’s warm for Wisconsin in the 40’s… #floridagirl brrrr.”


Then just an hour later excitement dissipated as McHenry updated her legion of fans with a video report (see above) on injuries sustained after the noted leap fail. The Stetson alum cited being “un-athletic” as the cause for the welt on her arm and face plant.

But while Lambeau Leaping may not be a part of McHenry’s skill set, she is still in that one-percent of the population that can segue from soccer trick moves to a basketball layup.

[Photo and video via Britt McHenry- Instagram]