NFL Cheerleaders of Week 8 — Halloween Costumes!

Where were all the Halloween costumes? I’m looking at you, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders. And then we send the Atlanta Falcons all the way to London for a pre-Halloween game and we don’t make the girls wear costumes? I’m not sure cheerleader management is handling this season correctly. Next Sunday is November 2. You can’t have your cheerleaders getting all slutty when everyone will be in Christmas shopping mode.
With all that in mind, the NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings haven’t changed. Sure, the Saintsations stepped up with costumes, but I wasn’t really impressed. Overall it was just a horrible year for cheerleader costumes.
Chris Graythen/Getty Images
NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings:
1. Cowboys
3. Dolphins
4. Chargers
5. Seahawks
6. 49ers
7. Cardinals
8. Broncos
9. Raiders
10. Redskins

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NFL Cheerleaders Of Week 7
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