Drew Rosenhaus' Wife Looking Hot For Halloween

I know, I know, I know. You guys are going to bash Drew Rosenhaus over being Hugh Hefner for Halloween. Slooooow down. Let’s just be happy for a minute that the guy is parading his new wife (they’re closing in on a year of marriage) around on Twitter in her Pamela Anderson costume. Don’t be bitching about Drew when the guy is offering up hot photos of his wife.
Embrace it.
Congratulate the guy.
Thank him.
I know you want to bash Drew because he’s some sort of douche that you’ve conjured up in your head or from when he repped T.O. He’s actually a pretty good follow on Twitter. You get things like Lisa in a swimsuit for Halloween and videos of Drew pulling pythons out of the Everglades. That’s follow material.

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