The Rams Called A Fake Punt Inside Their Own 20 And Jeff Fisher Has Gigantic Balls


St. Louis’ Special Teams unit is having quite the day.

After an incredible fake punt return earlier in the game netted 7 points for the Rams, Jeff Fisher, possibly thinking that he was playing a game of Madden, built up the courage late in the game to call a FAKE PUNT inside of his own 20 yard line with a two point lead. The Rams converted. They then almost fumbled the game away, but recovered and sealed the game against the struggling Seahawks.

fake punt

According to a random guy on Twitter, this was Fisher’s 13th successful conversion on 28 career fake punt attempts.

Jeff Fisher. Big fucking balls.

Jeff Fisher’s ball size after calling a fake punt inside his own 30 |

— Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden) October 19, 2014