39-Year-Old ARod Working Out At U. Of Miami Student Rec Center



There can only be a couple of reasons why ARod would spend his Tuesday night at the University of Miami student rec center gym. (1.) He’s lonely, or (2.) He’s hunting. Or both.

That’s it. There is zero chance ARod is at the rec center to burn calories. And it’s a typical ARod move. The guy could literally have a freshman and sophomore daughter doing her thing on the treadmills. He could go to a private gym and work with a personal trainer like other rich people. Not ARod. The guy, 39, who has made $356,285,104 playing baseball wants to hang with the 18-23 crowd.  We’ve all been there at the campus gym: Older dude rolls into the gym trying to play it off that he’s nearly 40. You know the game.

Let’s go to the eyewitness reports:


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.47.04 PM


Maybe Alex figures if he works out at college gyms the media won’t assume he’s hanging with juice heads at the Gold’s Gym. All I know is that this guy is already shady and something tells me he’s poon hunting on these college campuses. There’s really no way around it. ARod has every reason in the world to play the wealthy angle on whatever 10 he wants at UCLA, Miami or any other campus out there.

Douche move? Of course. This isn’t Jetes we’re talking about.



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