NFL Cheerleaders of Week 6

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins


Annnnnnnd….the weather has changed. We went from NFL cheerleaders doing their thing in shorts and boots to covered up like they’re some middle-aged mom about to go on a 2 1/2 hour flight and thinks wearing a track suit will be comfy.


The other news is that Getty is hoarding the good pics from Miami where they only dumped four pics onto the photo server. Look, I’m cool with 8-10. Four is just ridiculous when it’s pretty much the only location in the U.S. with warm weather and cheerleaders not in mom track suits. I have an email into our Getty rep. Need to get this bullshit settled right now.

Anyway, here’s your Week 6 NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings…we have a new #1. The Houston Texans cheerleaders move back into the top spot after a big Thursday night performance combined with the Cowboys cheerleaders having the week off.

NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings:

1. Texans

2. Cowboys

3. Dolphins

4. Chargers

5. Cardinals

6. 49ers

7. Seahawks

8. Jags

9. Redskins

10. Buccaneers


Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


Texans Cheerleaders Put On Pink Show
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