BC Superfan Terann Debuts The Busted Coverage Bikini





You know how I know it’s going to be a good week? I asked BC superfan Terann (@tbody89) last night when she was going to make a Busted bikini. Less than 24 hours later and we have what you see here. I didn’t even need to send her a BC logo file. Zero legwork out of me.

All these years (7 in early December). All those lonely days of posting about drunken idiots punching each other at sporting events. All those post-Super Bowl weeks dreading basketball season. All the struggles with the IRS to straighten out taxes due to this site. All the late-night work when I could’ve been laying on the couch enjoying House Hunters. All those sunny days I would’ve rather been outside golfing.

It was all worth it today. Terann just validated the hard work. And to think I started Busted with a $10 URL and that money took me to a BC bikini. Dreams really do come true in this country.




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