Sleeping Royals Fans, OSU Fan’s Booze Bag & Shirtless Bama Fan At Walmart

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Alternative Wild Card Format

I’m thinking the wild card teams play doubleheaders on Wild Card Tuesday. Game 3 at noon on Thursday, if necessary. I threw that out on Twitter last night and of course baseball nerds stood up for the pitchers re: Tommy John surgeries, MLBPA would never go for it, etc. Baseball nerds, who are the white guys on Twitter who take life so seriously that they never have a unique thought inside their miserable brains, are holding on tight to their traditions until the game dies. So what if a team has to use up all of its pitching? They’re lucky to be in the playoffs via a wild card. Allow the teams to carry 20 pitchers and play ball. Just think of the excitement from all that baseball on an NFL off day. Two games in KC and two in Pittsburgh. Baseball nerds would counter that the A’s-Royals game was incredibly exciting. Yeah, and it ended at 1 a.m. EST. How many people actually saw that thriller?

NFL Ratings

Remember how fans were going to protest Roger Goodell by not watching NFL games? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! CBS is averaging 19.5 million viewers on Sunday compared to 17.8 million last year. Fox is slightly down, but we’re still talking about 20.5 million viewers on Sundays.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo

Royals’ win probability (per ) was 4.4% at its lowest point (when they trailed 7-3 after 7 innings)

And most sane people went to bed.