Meet Jay Gruden’s Wife, Sherry, NFL’s Hottest Grandma



I learned today that Jay and his wife Sherry Gruden are grandparents. I was completely blown away because Jay never started aging after 32. He’s now 47. As for Sherry, I’d never seen her, but let’s just say she’s in that mid-40s cougar mode you have to appreciate where she seems to still be fun and crazy on weekends and responsible through the week, making pot pie and chili for the family.

Think about the life the Grudens are living now. Jay spent 14 years either coaching or playing in the Arena League. There was also a stop in the United Football League between work as an offensive assistant coach for his brother in Tampa. Then, in 2011, the Bengals gave Jay the offensive coordinator job and he turned them into a machine.

Now Sherry has her own coaches suite at FedEx Field and gets to hang with the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr. while her husband tries to figure out the Redskins quarterback situation.

Hottest grandma in the NFL? All day long.