Most “Popular” Female Athletes, According To Google



Remember when someone would ask a question they did not know the answer to and other people would attempt to find out the answer by debating, arguing, or researching the answer?

If someone asked you today to answer a question, there is a good chance that the reply will be “Google it” and that person would then continue on with his/her life. In fact, we tell people to Google off in hopes that one day someone from Google will hear it, love it, and pay us for it. (It’s called a dream douchebag)

Before you begin, here are a few takeaways from the list.

1. Female Athlete’s named Cat aren’t popular

2. The answer to the question, “Which female sport is the most popular?” will be answered. (Hint: Tennis)

3. The Czech Republic and the former Soviet Union countries still make up the world’s hottest female athletes.

Without further ado, and remember folks there is no bias or personal choices, this list is strictly from the results of a Google search. Enjoy.