Spicy Chrissy Teigen To Serve Up Cookbook, Wants To Share "Ridiculous, f–king story"

In as much as her photos alone produce puddles of drool, and seeing as her husband – R&B singer John Legend – has been heating up the music charts for more than a decade, perhaps it’s no surprise that model Chrissy Teigen‘s next spread will be of the culinary variety. Or, maybe she’s simply counting on her brand – which boasts a combined 1.5 million plus Instagram and Twitter followers – producing countless consumers banking on a back-cover photo that features the author, an apron, and little else.
Either way, Chrissy Teigen’s writing a cookbook, and she’s pledging to make her personality the main entrée.

“I have to share a ridiculous, f–king story. I have to show my weird Instagram<. I have to show my failure and my success,” she tells Women’s Wear Daily “I want girls to be excited to make a meal for their girlfriends, for their man, whatever. I want people to have fun cooking, that’s it.”

Suspending reality momentarily, and ignoring the fact that her body suggests a diet centered around kale, bottled water, and more kale, the 28-year-old confesses to an eating obsession, regularly posting food pics of all flavors and calorie counts:


But more than simply sharing snapshots, penning an edition with actual pages is proving itself to be a bit of a challenge for the model:

“I’m working on a book proposal. It’s much harder than it sounds. Most people these days use ghostwriters, and I’m very adamant about wanting to be a huge part of it,” she said. “I want people to stay in and cook on a Friday night and not have f–king FOMO [fear of missing out]. Just stay home, watch “[The Real] Housewives” and be happy.”

Whether paired with a side of Bravo, or served as it’s own dish, if the book flops, Teigen always has that other career to fall back on. You know, the one that landed her keyster on the cover of Sports Illustrated.


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