Norris Cole At An Airport Wearing ‘Cole Blooded’ Shirt Is Pretty Ballsy

Auntie saw Norris cole at the airport she knew I would be excited to see this had to posted 😈

— Raeshaun (@r_raeshaun) September 18, 2014



Ehh, it might be a reach for Norris Cole to be rolling into airports wearing a “Cole Blooded” shirt. Normally I’d be all for this, but puffing out your chest after riding the LeBron train to two NBA titles is reaching. The guy wasn’t even LBJ’s Scottie Pippen. Now, if Cole rolls into the 2014-15 season, becomes an all-star and takes the Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals, I’m all for Cole Blooded becoming a thing.

We’re talking about a guy who has average 6 points a game over his career running the point for LeBron. Need to at least take that to double-digits before busting Cole Blooded out again.

Interested in buying a Cole Blooded shirt? I can’t find them for sale on the Internet.