The Hottest Kim’s in Sports

32 Selina Wagner - Soccer


What is a Kim? Did we miss that terminology between cutting classes and smoking pot?

A Kim is any female athlete that people recognize for her beauty and nothing more. It might sound harsh but it is true. A lot of the female athletes that are always ranked as the hottest or sexiest female athletes in the world are only there because of one reason, their looks. (Yes, at one time they had enough talent to make it to the show but if they were ugly would they have remained in the spotlight?)

Some of the female athletes are talented but never reached the peak. Basically, if they weren’t attractive, would you even know their name?

In case you are still wondering where did the Kim title come from, it is exactly what you were thinking. Kim Kardashian. She might have her own fashion label, perfume, tv show, and millions of dollars stashed away in Kanye West’s ego, but if you strip away her beauty and famous parents she is nothing more than an average person.

Without further justification for our choices for this list, here are the Hottest Kim’s in Sports.

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