More Photos Of Dan Marino’s Future Daughter-In-Law Maria Huete



I linked to the story this morning of Dan Marino’s autistic son, Mike, recently getting engaged to this chick named Maria Huete. It seems Mike, a DJ, recently popped the question in Paris, meaning Maria will soon marry into the Marino legacy. The interesting part is how Gossip Extra says Maria met Mike.

According to the CEO of the Dan Marino Foundation, Maria and Mike seemed to click right away.

Partin said Michael and Maria met in September 2011 while Michael DJ’ed at a party before a Dolphins game at Sun Life Stadium. At the time, according to Miami-Dade County records, Huete was married to another local DJ, Norman Villanueva.

The records show she filed for divorce in October 2011 and she was a free woman three weeks later.

A few weeks later Maria appeared on The Dirty. That’s never a good thing.

Look, I hope this works out for Mike. It’s great that the guy can work through his autism, have a career and land a hot piece of ass. That’s the American Dream, right? All parents, including Dan, just want what’s best for their kids.

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