No Biggie…Cardinals Fan Raining Down Rights On Larry Fitzgerald Fan’s Head At 49ers Game



Remember yesterday when we showed you a 49ers-Cardinals fan fight that included a puddle of blood? We were hearing that there were even more ass kickings that took place at Sunday’s game and now there’s this footage of a guy raining down rights on Larry Fitzgerald fan’s head.

According to the uploader:

These two Cardinal fans started going at it and the guy in white seemed to winning. It was a brutal brawl and not the only one that day in our section.

Look at those bold words. C-A-R-D-I-N-A-L-S FANS!

I can’t say it enough that if you have a young son who wants to go to a game, get suite tickets. Splurge. DO NOT get seats in any section above 200. Even 100 and 200 tickets don’t mean that you won’t have to deal with fans beating the shit out of each other. I recommend getting the NFL Ticket and never coming out of your house on Sundays. Tell your son you’ll get him one of those 80″ TVs you see at Costco. Get a night sound system. Popcorn machine. Order tons of pizza. Let him invite his friends over to watch the games in your basement bar.

The bloody brawl we posted yesterday resulted in two men being arrested on assault charges.

A pile of people then tumbled a few feet down concrete stairs, leaving one man with a cut to his head.

O’Neill said 31-year-old Philip Martinez of Calimesa, California, was arrested for assault along with 37-year-old Daniel Mayerhofer of Surprise, Arizona. One person identified as a victim was contacted by police while leaving the stadium but declined to press charges, O’Neill said. He said several people were ejected following the fight around halftime of the game, which Arizona won 23-14.

By the end of the game, O’Neill said six people had been arrested and 39 others ejected from the stadium.

No word if this Cardinals fan vs. Cardinals fan ended with arrests.


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