Blake Sims Stopped By Hooters Last Night



How do I know that Blake Sims is about to bust out as a huge star as the Alabama quarterback? Hooters girls at the Tuscaloosa establishment recognize him and want photos on a Monday night after a 445 yard, 4 TD performance against Florida.

One tweeted:

Got to wait on tonight! Thanks for th pic and best of luck!!

Another Hooters waitress bragged:

I guess working at Hooters has it’s perks. Met Blake Sims today!

This is exactly what Blake needs to make him an Internet star. You need a couple photos with Hooters chicks or some other hot chicks that can be passed around on Twitter and message boards. Remember how Manziel shot to stardom? Halloween 2012. The Scooby costume. The hot chicks hanging on Scooby.

Blake Sims is officially on the radar. The guy seems to be fun.

[via @buckethead829 & @kthornee]


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