The Best Booties In Sports


33 Holly Sonders - Golf


Every man, regardless of what he says, loves a perfectly sculpted rear end on a lady. That is a fact that cannot be disputed. If you really want to argue, go down to the nearest Starbucks and just sit by the door and watch. Any time a beautiful woman with a booty you would kill for walks in, quickly spot all the guys staring.

It is human nature for a man to be consumed by the almighty booty. It is such a wonderful part of the female body that there are literally thousands of words for it. Ass, tush, caboose, donk, moneymaker, buns, rump, badonkadonk, trunk, pressed ham, and, my favorite, whoopie cakes are all words used to label the best part of a female athletes figure.

Here is proof that the booty rules all in the world of female athletes.

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