Cleveland’s ABC Station Runs Ridiculous Story On Johnny Manziel Possibly Buying Land For A House



Where do I start with this stupid bullshit report from ABC-5 reporter Nick Foley on the possibility of Johnny Manziel buying land to build a house in Brecksville, Ohio? Do I start with the fact that the source(s) for the story are rich people in a subdivision who won’t go on TV, but say Manziel is looking at land in their neighborhood? Do I start with Foley finding some lady at a restaurant to respond to what this all means to the restaurant? Or what about the woman Foley runs down for comment in a parking lot?

Or do I start with the fact that the anchor throws it to Foley with “news” that Manziel might be buying a house, but would actually be building a house.

Look, ABC-5 is all fucked up with this story and someone at the station didn’t ax this stupidity before it ran. That’s what you’re getting from local news: Morons who don’t know when to tell morons to go find something else to investigate.

Instead, viewers are given a story about a rumor (HT:@WFNYArticles).

Meanwhile, Manziel’s girlfriend has been posting photos on Instagram from Johnny’s apartment at The 9, the most prestigious place to live right now in downtown Cleveland.┬áDon’t worry Foley, I’ll just give you something to actually report. How about a story on this place Johnny’s living and a place where LeBron is rumored to have a condo. Report on that, bro.

Here you go Foley…John’s dime enjoying the view from the condo:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.02.02 PM



Find this carpet, Foley!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.06.42 PM