33 Hottest Female Bodybuilders


1 Amanda Latona


When you get a second, try this out: Go to the gym and do four sets of 40 reps of each of the following with only 60 seconds of rest between them: frog kicks, feet up crunches, feet down crunches, and behind head crossovers.

Did you make it halfway? We didn’t think so. We barely made it to frog before calling it a day.

That is only the first four exercises of the day. You still have another five if you want to come close to being on par with most of the women on this list. They do this routinely. And they barely even break a sweat. (The Mr. Olympia competition is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas; Iris Kyle has won Ms. Olympia 8 years in a row.)

Who said lifting weights isn’t sexy? These women didn’t get the memo. Enjoy.

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