Somebody Is Full Of Shit In The Ray Rice Elevator Video Saga

Bkng on #RayRice: @NJSP tells @abc @nfl comment this AM not accurate. ‘We never had the video.’

— Josh Margolin (@JoshMargolin) September 9, 2014

Imagine there’s a case where a black dude not named Ray Rice knocks out his fiancee on an Atlantic City casino elevator, then drags her out of the elevator and just sorta leaves her there to get some rest. Imagine that the cops are called. Imagine that the cops start investigating the case as domestic violence. You gather evidence, right? You ask the casino to see surveillance video to see what went down on that elevator, right? Right.

Not the New Jersey State Police.

Now they tell ABC News that they never had the video, which means they couldn’t give the video to the NFL. Right? What entity is covering up here? It sorta feels like the New Jersey State Police, for some reason, might be covering for the NFL here.

This is from Monday:


NFL spokesman says NJ State Police had custody of vid. They requested “any and all information” on the case and the vid wasn’t made avail.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) September 8, 2014

So the NFL says the NJSP had the video and the NJSP says it didn’t have the video. Wait, what?

And then this:


A spokesperson for Revel claims Rice’s attorney, police & prosecutors all have copies of the #RayRice video.

— Todd Quinones (@ToddQuinones) September 9, 2014

So let’s add this all up. The NJSP says it doesn’t have the video; the NFL says the NJSP had the video; the casino says that a bunch of people had the video. Wait, what?

Coverup. Conspiracy.

BC theory: Janay told police she didn’t want to file charges. The police backed off the case because this stuff always looks terrible, especially in a struggling casino that doesn’t need the heat. The NFL comes into the equation with the Ravens and everyone agrees to hold a press conference where Ray will say that he’s trying to get his life back together. All parties agree that the actual elevator video will be forgotten about and Ray will serve his small suspension before going back to making a living. Janay, not wanting to cost herself that quality of life, stays quiet and tries to go on with her business. TMZ asks Revel for the video. Security obliges. You know the rest.