Look At How Good This Randall Cunningham Jersey Still Fits


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One more cheesesteak and it’s all over for that #12 jersey. One wrong move while taking a dump and it’s all over.

How in thee hell does he even get that green koozie over his body? That has to be one helluva process that takes time and great care as to not cause a rip in this precious piece of Eagles history. Is it time to invest in a new Randall Cunningham jersey? Maybe one that fits? The NFL.com sells a 4XL these days, but something tells me this is a valued jersey that takes Biggin’ back to the glory days of 1988-1990 and 1992. Biggin’ was still 210, lifted a few weights and ran a sub 5.0 40. You know what happens over time. We put on some dad weight. The Eagles lose in the Super Bowl. You start to eat…tables of wings. Draft beer by the pitcher. It adds up. One Sunday you wake up and it looks like someone painted a Cunningham jersey on your frame.

Oh, hey Shoeless Mark Sanchez. What are you doing here? Go deep!

As for the real Cunningham, it looks like he can still break a DB’s ankle and then hurdle a safety.


@nfl legends Randall Cunningham & Earl Campbell who won the 1977 @HeismanTrophy w/ Texas @Longhorn_FB #HookEmHorns pic.twitter.com/9twhSt1i0D

— Brandy L. Simms (@bls1969) August 16, 2014


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