NYC Stripper Attends “Derek Jeter Day,” Wants Captain To Fulfill Her Fantasy



I don’t care if Derek Jeter has that insanely hot model girlfriend Hannah Davis. The guy needs to think about his fans as his career as The Captain comes to a close in the Bronx. The guy needs to be a gentleman and help fulfill one more fantasy for a fan before he hangs up his #2 for the final time. Jetes needs to stop into Vivid Cabaret and ask for “Shay.”

Our friends at Vivid Cabaret sent word last night that Shay wants to give Jetes a going away present.

Blonde beauty “Shay” is an exotic dancer at Vivid Cabaret New York, the upscale midtown Manhattan three-story gentlemen’s club known for its seemingly unlimited supply of stunning topless performers. She is also a big fan of NY Yankee captain Derek Jeter, and attended the “Derek Jeter Day” festivities at Yankee stadium yesterday.

“I’ve met so many Yankees here at Vivid Cabaret NYC,” purred the shapely vixen. “But I’ve never had the honor of meeting Derek Jeter. That’s one of my fantasies.”

“I want to strip for him and give him a lap dance he will never forget–and I’m pretty sure I can do it,” cooed the alluring Shay.

“I know he has had a lot of gorgeous girls in his life, but I’m tanned, toned and ready. And besides, I can get some of the other hot Vivid Cabaret NYC Girls to help me–there are so many sexy girls all over the club. Sharing is caring!”

You know who would be there today for lunch? ARod. He would jump all over this offer. Jetes might be a tougher nut to crack. The guy doesn’t have the history of visiting strip clubs like ARod. Shay might have to take her talents to Jetes’ Trump World Tower bachelor pad where she might get lucky and walk away with one of his notorious gift packs for her stripping work.

The obvious play here is for Jeter to go to Vivid tonight, an off day, catch some of the Giants-Lions game and round up like 10 strippers to give him that going way dance. He’ll get a crazy dance, watch Eli throw a few picks and Hannah will never know a thing.

Your move, Jetes.




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