Brett Favre Finished A Triathlon




Brett Favre is 44, a grandfather and now has triathlon finisher on his career resume. The Gunslinger finished the Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon in Gulf Shores on Saturday, according to spotters on the ground. We’re still waiting for an official finishing time for Brett and his wife Deanna.

You might remember a couple years ago when Slinger was spotted competing in a Southern Miss sorority 5k. It appears he’s been working up to the triathlon, a race that included:

• The 300 yard swim will be a one loop course and the 1500 meter course will be two loops of 750 meters.

• 10 mile bike ride

• 2 mile run

The guy (turns 45 on Oct. 10) seems to be in perfect shape to roll right into St. Louis and take the starting job from Shaun Hill.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.53.36 PM

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