Meet The 2014 Axis Magazine UCF Cover Girls



BC reader Shawn W. sent word Friday night that the annual Axis Magazine issue featuring UCF girls was out. You probably remember Axis as the magazine that featured Lindsey Duke posing in a bikini that pretty much launched Blake Bortles to a mainstream status and led to him landing a job with the Jags. Yeah, that Axis Magazine.

The 2014 models are. I have no idea which name goes with what bikini. Can you help us? Let me know:

This shoot was much more calm than shoots in the past. You might remember years ago when Axis was able to get a Playmate into the UCF locker room for a shoot.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.42.36 PM


Ranking the Axis Girls:

1. Black bikini

2. Boobs

3. White bikini top

Analysis: Black bikini has the best overall body of the three; Boobs looks like she’s a complete party; White bikini top falls to the #3 slot, but that really isn’t a bad thing in this competition. She’s probably the craziest of the three and I’m undervaluing her.