9-Year-Old Girl Puts On Read-Option Quarterbacking Clinic, Rips Off 65-Yard TD Run




Where is the defense? I SAID WHERE IS THE DEFENSE? YOU’RE GOING TO LET 9-YEAR-OLD REAGAN GO MONE DAVIS ON YOUR ASS AND RIP OFF A 65-YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN? You know who gave a better effort than the defense? The coach wearing loafers and sprinting 40 yards for the touchdown.

This is why football is officially screwed. The defensive side of the ball is a complete mess. Watch the defensive line. HORRIBLE. DID ANYONE WATCH THE BALL? WHO HAS CONTAIN? WHERE IS THE LINEBACKER WITH CONTAIN? And what’s up with the kid who’s about to tackle Reagan and just drops his arm? Who is coaching that kid? Tackle the ball carrier, son.

Finally, I guarantee cargo shorts coach hit up his local BWWs (I believe this happened in Omaha, Nebraska) after this one and rehydrated with a couple tall drafts. The guy earned it. Huge effort out of him and Reagan who completely gassed the safety.


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