Nick Saban Gets Lit Up On His High School Coverage Team

Nick Saban is a notorious tightass when it comes to his squad’s special teams unit. While most coaches pay the unit its required lip service, Saban is true believer. There’s no quicker way than eroding your opponents’ spirit and boring your fans than getting into a punting match. Saban prefers it that way.
We may have learned why Little Nicky is a such a stickler for the kicking game with recently uncovered GIF.

Where’s Tom Jackson when you need him?
That type of hit changes a man, makes him reconsider what’s important in life or likely just gave him a concussion. Especially when you know it had to be some coal miner’s son who wanted payback for Saban screwing up his car’s polish job. If you haven’t read one of the 2,483 puff pieces made about the Napoleonic sumbtich, Saban had that golden nugget-sized chip placed on his shoulder from working at his dad’s gas station growing up. #Bluecollar
That return man may have gotten the last laugh, but the likelihood today that he’s got the black lung or is missing a foot or dead is exceptionally high. This was West Virginia football in 1968. Meanwhile, Sabes is sitting pretty as one the game’s all-time greats.
That GIF makes this even more embarrassing to watch. 1968 Nick Saban could have caught Chris Davis better than his own guys did.

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