LSU Can’t Fill Tiger Stadium For Renovated Debut

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Need more proof that LSU fans aren’t really excited to see the improved Tiger Stadium? You can’t be #9 on the Best Atmosphere in College Football list and then have five rows of tickets available to the 2014 home opener against Sam Houston. That’s not acceptable.

This request for 50 tickets was processed this morning for Saturday’s game against Sam Houston, a team that is 1-1 and coming off a 51-20 blowout of Alabama State. LSU fans have spent the past six months bragging that Tiger Stadium will now seat over 100,000, yet they won’t actually buy the seats they’re bragging about. Instead, many will stay home and watch the game on the SEC Network which will have Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer on the call. Sam Houston will make $500,000 for playing the game.



Sam Houston was tricked into believing there will be 100,000 in the stands. LSU better get busy selling tickets.

Wait, maybe this is just a situation for the Sam Houston game and things will get back to normal Week 3 against UL-Monroe. 

Nope. You can buy even more seats together. 

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Go buy tickets, LSU fans. Be proud of that stadium expansion. 


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