BC Twitter Suspension News [UPDATES]



Notice anything different? Yeah, that’s a new (temporary) BC Twitter account we’re using while we get things straightened out after all hell broke loose during the Kate Upton photo saga. I think the BC account was suspended when a rogue RT included one of the Upton photos. Obviously it was never our intention to RT the photo but to just comment on a photo that was sent to us by a reader.

One thing led to another and the account was suspended.

I haven’t heard anything from Twitter so we have no idea what it will take to get the account back. Stay tuned.

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Monday (9-8) morning:

We know that the gents from Old Row Official got their account back on Sunday. BC is still suspended, though. We’re sending another email to Twitter today to get this straightened out. Twitter has deleted the one photo that ended up on a RT that we believe is the reason behind the suspension. Hopefully this is the last step before the account is restored. We’ll see.


Friday (9-5) afternoon:

Still nothing from Twitter. No emails. No communication. We’ve filed the proper appeal to the suspension and just go back to waiting. Word on the street is that these suspensions lasting 5+ days can be pretty normal.

Thursday morning:

Nothing from Twitter. The suspension is now into its fourth day.

Wednesday update:

Still haven’t heard anything from Twitter. The suspension rolls on. We’ve now sent three emails with hopes to make contact with the suspension commissioner. No luck.