ESPN Makes Mark Brunell Look Stupid With This QB Segment


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Was someone at SportsCenter trying to make Mark Brunell look stupid this morning? Was someone at SportsCenter purposely trying to troll Twitter by running a segment where Brunell would rank eight QBs on which one he’d start a team with? The hook is that the segment producer only gave Brunell eight choices and those choices didn’t include Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson.

So Brunell did what he’s there to do and he ranked the quarterbacks.

You can guess what happened next. DEBATE! Here comes Herm Edwards to scream about Aaron Rodgers not being #1 on the list. Brunell agrees. Sage reminds Herm that Rodgers wasn’t one of the eight QBs on the list that Brunell had to choose from. DEBATE!

Of course Twitter went nuts with this because they didn’t hear Sage mention that they were only giving Brunell eight names that didn’t include Rodgers or Wilson. So poor Mark Brunell gets drilled when he didn’t actually do anything wrong.



And here comes the anger:

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