Cowboys Cheerleaders Dominate Week 4 Of The Preseason


Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys


Annnnnd … that’s a wrap. The preseason ended last night and now it’s for all the marbles for NFL cheerleaders. The games from her on out count. No more flipping your hair for some fourth stringer who won’t make the final cut. No more shaking it for drunk losers who scored preseason tickets from their bosses who felt sorry for them. You’re done.

Here’s the full roundup of the action throughout the league last night with special focus on the action in Dallas where the Cowboys cheerleaders put on a show. I’ve said for the last year that the Cowboys cheerleaders are losing ground to the Houston Texans cheerleaders. Time to pump the breaks on that proclamation. It’s like the team got the memo. They bring in some blonde who has hair that looks like it was painted by da Vinci and the Cowboys instantly vault to the top of my NFL Cheerleaders Rankings board.

Jerry runs this organization like Hef in his prime. The guy is a genius.

Getty images/Tom Pennington

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